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Hangzhou JWG Technology Co.Ltd is a high technology corporation specialized in manufacturing and sales of advanced Ceramics and precision metal parts for more than 16 years.
Our fine ceramic parts, such as Alumina Al2O3, Zirconia ZrO2, Silicon Carbide SiC, Silicon Nitride Si3N4 and Steatite which are made by dry-pressing, Cold Isostatic Pressing CIP, hot-casting and high pressure injection, have been extensively applied in various industries, such as chemistry, electrical equipment , mining, Textile machinery and Petroleum & gas industry with their excellent performance in hardness, heat resisting, corrosion resisting and insulation.
Our metal parts include casting parts, machining parts, turned parts and screwed parts, stamping parts, etc., which are of the materials --- steel, brass (C360, C377), bronze, stainless steel SS303&SS304 and aluminium 6061 T6 for plumping system, fire protection, marine hardware , automobile industries and much more.
Our quality control team provides 3D dimension check, tensile strength, roughness, hardness, roundness test and laser particle size analysis that guarantee the highest quality production we delivery.
With advanced equipment and tight quality control, we have been providing various quality products with competitive price and high-grade service to West Europe, the North America and the South America and etc. And we have established very good relationship with our customers in the long terms of cooperation.Steatite Ceramics factory
website:Hangzhou JWG Technology Co.Ltd - PSZ, FSZ, ZTA, SSC, GPSN, Ferrite, Alnico, Sintered Sic, Steatite Lampholder, Moulding Tool, Hydraulic Component, Auto Parts, Medical Apparatus, Special Bumper, Headlight Bracket, Friction Disc Parts, Pu Backed Ceramic Wear Resistance Plate, Rubber Composite Liner Wear Plates

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